The Golden Touch of Dribble2Much

Boynton Beach, FL has had quite a bit of notoriety lately.

On HBO’s Hard Knocks a couple years back, Vince Wilfork cemented his legacy as everyone’s favorite fat athlete when he showed up to practice in full cowboy attire, complete with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and overalls. No shirt either, just overalls. Take a look.

Heisman Trophy Winner Lamar Jackson, who will be better than the five guys drafted ahead of him because they have “The Look”, lit up college football for two straight years.

The “Cash Me Outside” girl, who is not what one would call a gem, inspired millions of parents all over the world to pay better attention to their kids.

Then, there’s Johnny Stephene, but you wouldn’t know him by that name. You would know him as Dribble2Much. He’s not on TV, but he’s on almost every other screen. His Instagram account has 1.3 Million followers and has people all over the world recreating his challenge videos.

I’m scrolling through his IG looking for videos to throw in and my head is exploding. How about this one? This player’s done fairly well lately.

When NBA players disappear for the offseason and come back with a new set of moves or an added element to their game, now you know where they go. To guys like Johnny.

This next, and last video, is an all time flex.

We’ve all seen the video of Drake in warmups at Kentucky’s midnight madness a couple years back. He was traaaaaash! In high school, there’s always a student/teacher basketball game at a homecoming pep rally. Inevitably, a band teacher gets left wide open and when he catches the ball, all the students get hyped for a miracle bucket. Drake, in rhythm, lined up an unguarded three pointer, and just like that slob teacher with a mustache and belly, he proceeded to miss EVERYTHING and get clowned for weeks. The teacher loses all control of his classroom and that “Chef Curry with the shot” line was ruined forever.

Well, Johnny gets Drake in the gym and rewires the whole system. Figures out his jumper is so incurably broke, that he’s gonna have him shoot like a Quarterback in the pocket. Doesn’t end there, Drake’s footwork must have been so poor, he scrapped it all together and had him overhead soccer-throw it in from ass. The guy is a genius!

Quite the catchy tunes in those video’s, right?

Yeah, I thought so too. They’re his. Of course they are his. You can search Dribble2Much on iTunes or Spotify and add to the couple hundred thousands listens. You can listen to them when you workout or when you’re trying to ignore a homeless guy screaming at everyone on your subway commute.

I was getting thrashed by a buddy in NBA 2K18 the other night before going out, and I sang along with the background song  “Time to Let it Fly, Time to Let it Fly, Time to Let it Flyyyyyyy”. When my Jameson-blurred, idiot brain realized it was Johnny’s song on the biggest NBA video game sold worldwide, my mouth dropped. I then blurted out an expression I haven’t heard since I was a little kid “Everything he (Johnny) touches turns to Gold”.

My mom said it to me about a man named Bruce Rossmeyer.

A long time ago, Mr. Rossmeyer needed a favor. My Dad ended up being the one of the guys that would help, and he turned a couple small favors from several people into a slew of very successful ventures.

Decades later, and a couple of weeks before he was killed in a motorcycle accident, my brother’s rookie year oversea’s in Spain came to an early end when the scumbags cut him to avoid paying out bonuses before the playoffs. He came home earlier than expected and needed a job. Rossmeyer came through and returned the favor.

Except it wasn’t some handout. My brother had to earn every single penny. He came home every day sore, stiff, sunburnt, and drenched in sweat. His hands had grease all over them, and he smelled like shit. He trained for his next professional season for two hours before and after almost every single day of work until there was a physical crash.

The expression makes it sounds like somebody has all the luck in the world, but in reality, when everything you touch turns to gold, it’s because of hard work and vision. Neither Rossmeyer, my brother, Johnny, or anyone for that matter, gets to a position of notoriety because they have a horseshoe up their ass, they work tirelessly for it.

They weren’t creating gold by touching it, they were sweating their asses off mining for the gold. The Golden Touch isn’t a gifted silk glove, it’s earned with a calloused hand.

So, if you’re not one of the 1.3 Million already, go follow him @Dribble2Much. In a couple of weeks, when Anthony Davis does a three piece combo move that makes Timofey Mozgov piss himself and have a seizure, you’ll know where he learned it.





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