Maybe it’s a Bad Idea to Kick The Real Life Batman, Rob O’Neill, Off Your Flight.

(TMZ) – Rob O’Neill, the Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden, was thrown off a plane Sunday because airline personnel said he was too drunk to fly.

O’Neill boarded an American Airlines jet in Nashville bound for Dallas. Before the plane took off, flight attendants noticed he was extremely drunk. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, he called an AA employee a vile name and eventually passed out.

Apparently he regained consciousness and, when flight attended told him he had to get off the plane, we’re told he became belligerent and loud. Cops were called and escorted him off the plane.

We reached out to Rob’s rep … so far no word back.” 

What. An. Idiot.

Certain people, not many, but a select few are kinda able to do and say as they please.

If The Rock knocks on my door and says he would like me to wear a collar and pretend to be his pet dog then I guess I’m pissin on fire hydrants from here on out cause I’m a good boy and I simply would not survive the ferocity of a People’s Elbow. I don’t know if you remember, but that’s the most electrifying move in sports entertainment history. Too electric, I’m dead if that barren, freshly pad-less elbow hits my sternum. If he wants to rename me Jabroni and only lets me eat the chunks of pancakes that escape his fork on Cheat Day then I’m gonna be one very hungry man-pooch. Hope he gives belly rubs. I could handle all of that if he pets my belly.

Remember in The Dark Knight when that dipshit went to Fox to blackmail Batman?

He and his shit-eating grin thought he had it all figured out, until Fox points out that the man he wants to blackmail lives life completely undetected at night taking down the World’s Worst Bad Guys. Most would agree this is a bad idea.

Well, throwing Rob O’Neill off an airplane is that completely fictionalized scenario above brought to real life. The guy is basically Batman, except he doesn’t have a moral rule against guns. He probably 1,000% deserved to be kicked off, but you have to consider this guy jumped out of a helicopter, killed the most wanted man on Planet Earth, and hopped back on the helicopter undetected like he was a teenager sneaking out of the house.  You gotta look out for numero uno here, swallow your pride, and let Mr. O’Neill rant and rave a little bit to avoid waking up in the middle of the night in some dogshit Detroit hotel on a layover tied to your bed with a team of war-painted faces in your room racking up the mini-bar bill while they decide how best to kill you.

Last thing, that flight was from Nashville to Dallas, which The Google tells me is around a two-hour flight. Give the guy a couple Miller Lite’s for his prior heroics, on the house obviously, and he’ll pass out right in his seat without any memory of the entire event.

Anyway, you read the report, they reached out to Rob O’Neill and “so far no word back”. Safe to go ahead and say RIP to that AA Flight Attendant.







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